Lafayette Shooters Wilderness and Western Wear is a Federal Firearms License holder (FFL)/Class 3 Dealer. We do accept transfers of firearms and/or NFA items to our store from other FFL License holders/Class 3 Dealers as well as personal sellers. The transfer fee is $30.00 per serialized firearm and/or frame and $125.00 per NFA item.

(Please note individuals must include a copy of their state drivers license or state ID.) If you have any questions please call our shipping/receiving department during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm CST) at 337.988.1193 ext. 213. Any item received without prior notification will be marked return to sender.

The receiving party will fill out all appropriate paperwork when they come to pick up their item(s). **According to state law you will need a State issued photo ID with current address. ** Louisiana State Law states you must be a Louisiana resident to purchase a handgun while Louisiana residents and residents of bordering states may recieve a long gun(s).

Please fill out and return appropriate form to Lafayette Shooters for prompt processing. Deliver to our store, fax to 337-984-0553 or email to

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